MacOS style keybindings + Emacs

I just got my framework laptop last week and I’m enjoying getting it all set up. One thing that bugged me more than I realized it would was the lack of Emacs shortcuts, and then also having to relearn to use the Ctrl key for copy/paste. I work on a mac all day and that change was causing me some grief at work as I accidentally canceled processes in my terminal (Ctrl + C on a mac) instead of copying text.

Thankfully, tonight I found this repo that allows me to use mac style keyboard bindings, such that now my Alt key behaves like Cmd on a mac. Also, I found that downloading the GNOME Tweak tool has allowed me to choose Emacs bindings for my keyboard.

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If you’re used to the MacOS fn-ctrl ordering, you can swap the two in the Framework BIOS.

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@feesh Awesome, thanks! I actually use Caps Lock for my Ctrl key - hardly ever need Caps Lock anyway. Now I’m realizing that the MacOS keybinding program I’m running has broken the fix I was using to add the 3-finger up gesture on the trackpad as an alias for the Super key, presumably because the Super key is now missing? Anyway, onward and upward, one more thing to fix. Thanks again for the tip :slight_smile:

I’ve had good luck with

It requires manually configuring your mappings, but might not break your super key gestures. It also supports mice, gamepads, etc.

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Nice, thanks for the tip. I did get the 3-finger gestures working again, although I’m not sure I remember what I needed to do to fix it. As it is now, everything is working the way I want it to with respect to gestures, Mac-style command key, and EMACs shortcuts (by which I mean using Ctrl + E or Ctrl + A to move the end or start of a line, etc.)

The thing I’m most concerned with now is that I don’t think the computer is sleeping when I shut it - it’s almost always dead if I leave it for a day after closing it :confused: