Thank you for not putting MORE MS keys on the keyboard

I dont have a Twitter (or X or whatever) account so wanted to just give a shout out here. Thanks for not putting more Microsoft BS (co-pilot key) on our keyboards. :slight_smile:


I’ll let the team know, thanks for your feedback! :saluting_face:



Would love to see the “super” (or even a tux penguin) option come to the 13s too! But I know you guys have many other fish to fry ATM. haha


Would love to see said option for the foreign language keyboards, especially the german one.


The best option would be a keyboard with those OS specific keys replaceable.

We have dealt with that “Windows” key on keyboards for so long, people forget a PC is not Windows specific and can run any number of operating systems.

In my mind, it can’t be that difficult to make just the super key replaceable, maybe by a clip from the back or something. Then Framework only needs to sell the language with one or two extra keys in the box for anyone to swap out.

You guys are great!




Perhaps in the future a Framework gear key could go there. That would be the best IMHO.

That said I don’t mind the Windows key. My computer and keyboard don’t define me. :wink: (I’m just kidding, I understand why people would not want a windows key there.)

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Guess I have to be content with this as an interim solution:
Keyboard Overlay Stickers X3 Decal for Linux Tux Ubuntu Debian Fedora Arch Elementary OS Opensuse -

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If I ever need an AI button I’ll use part of the Macropad.

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Replace the windows button with the material they make mood rings out of