Magnetic bezel and a tinkerer's workshop

First of all I want to say that so far my dad has been really happy with his framework. There were some software issues, but the BIOS update seems to have fixed quite a few of them and I am sure the others will be fixed too at some point. We also added a matte screen protector to make it easier for him to use the framework in the garden or in the car.

There is one thing he asked me to give feedback to you guys though. While the magnetic bezel has been quite useful so far, it does have a small issue: My dad often has screws and other random stuff lying next to his framework. These then get attached to the bezel and prevent it from closing properly (and also are a bit scary because of potential damage).

Since the framework is targeted at people taking apart their devices, could there be a solution in the future, that doesn’t attract screws as easily? It’s really a minor thing in general, but we have been noticing it quite a bit so I thought I’d suggest it. One solution for example could be more directed magnets, although I don’t know how feasible it is.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, and have a magnificent day!