Mainboard Threaded Inserts on Bottom Chasis

A few weeks ago I installed my AMD board into my Framework chassis.

I have had every released board in this thing since batch 2 of the first release.

When I was screwing down my AMD board, two of the threaded inserts came off the board.
I was wondering if there was a way to fix these or if I just needed to buy a new chasis?


Do the threaded holes in the inserts go all the way through / open hole at both ends, or do they have no hole at the backside?

If they no hole at the backside, then you could probably epoxy them back in.

They did not go all the way through if I can remember correctly. It has been a few weeks. I believe they might have been epoxyied in before. Perhaps the heat broke down the epoxy or something like that.

I would need replacements though because I’m fairly sure they fell on my carpet and were vacuumed up already. XD

There is a list somewhere of the Framework screw sizes, which should tell you the size of threaded insert you’d need. You can get threaded inserts of all kinds on aliexpress.