Meilleure mémoire RAM?

On another forum topic I saw someone put more than 32 GB on the Framework Laptop 16.

Should we use the same ram on both memory slots?
Can we exceed 5600 speed?

Technically you can put 2* 32Gb sticks of RAM. The AMD 7840HS supports up to 256Gb of memory from its spec sheet:

It states:

Max. Memory
256 GB
System Memory Subtype
Max Memory Speed
DDR5-5600, LPDDR5x-7500

Memory speed and capacity is related to the memory controller physically present on the CPU that has the limits stated above, but also to trace length, as it is very difficult to maintain signal integrity with longer wires that pick more interferences.

Framework chose (rightfully so) to make their laptop repairable by using SODIMM ram, meaning laptop RAM that can be replaced, instead of UDIMM ram, soldered-down RAM that is neither repairable nor replaceable. Therefore, the speed is limited to 5600 as said in the spec sheet and not the 7500 they mention. This is a hard cap, you CANNOT run more than 5600Mhz memory on your framework. If you run very large capacities, you might not be able to run to the 5600 limit, you might have to downclock as ryzen’s memory controllers are known to have trouble with large amount of ram combined with high frequencies. But I think you should be fine with 64Gb 5600.

Hmmm, timing-wise it’s better to do so. Lower latency and less trouble. I would advise for it, but nobody said you couldn’t do so.

You can purchase 64Gb of RAM (2x32GB) from the Framework store. So it will work.
FYI, I have 64Gb RAM in my FW16, and I have heard some people with even more RAM than that. Note that more RAM takes more power, so there is a balance.


Up to 64 GB (2x 32 GB) is officially supported, although 96 GB (2x 48 GB) has been confirmed to work despite lacking official support.

It is recommended, however mixing and matching is often okay.


The CPU officially supports up to 5600 MT/s with DDR5 (what Framework uses, the CPU also supports LPDDR5X up to 7500 MT/s but that has higher latency and user replaceable LPDDR5X modules are only just starting to exist which is why Framework stuck with DDR5).

Unofficially many CPUs can be pushed past their rated speed, however AMD has locked down the Ryzen 7 7840hs (the lower CPU option in the FWL16) to not be allowed to exceed that 5600 MT/s. AMD does allow the Ryzen 9 7940hs to be pushed higher (many laptops support 6000-6400 MT/s DDR5), however Framework’s BIOS doesn’t support that (it could be added in the future).

Even 2x 48 GB works (confirmed by both Framework and many community members), however the AMD CPUs only officially support ram modules with capacities that are powers of two.

Ryzen 7000 series desktop CPUs have the memory controller on a separate chip from the CPU cores and AMD only officially guarantees that 5200 MT/s will work with 2 sticks and that 3600 MT/s will work with 4 sticks. Afaik when sticking to the frequencies that AMD guarantees I have not seen anyone report trouble. However AMD recommends 6000 MT/s as the sweet spot for performance, which is where trouble often arrives when trying to hit higher capacities (which, combined with similar situations on prior gens is why Ryzen has a reputation for not handling high speeds with high capacity).

Ryzen 7040 series mobile CPUs (what Framework uses) on the other hand have the memory controller in the same chip (which tends to change memory control charcteristics) as the CPU cores and AMD guarantees that 5600 MT/s will work with 2 sticks (even if those two sticks total to 256 GB). I have not seen any reports of issues hitting 5600 MT/s.

If the CPU is unable to hit 5600 MT/s with two sticks totaling 256 GB then it is supposed to fail AMD’s quality control and get rebranded and sold as a different CPU with lower rated memory speeds such as the 8400F instead (those are only rated to handle 2 high capacity sticks at 5200 MT/s or 4 sticks at 3200 MT/s, if it can’t do that then the CPU is supposed to be considered defective and not be sold).

Of course some defective CPUs do slip through quality control and I doubt Framework will replace it if it works fine with all the ram kits that Framework sells.

You should but you don’t have to. You are a lot more likely to run into problems when mixing though.

I did run 32gb 5600 + 16gb 4800 during memory power testing and it did work just fine (of course running both at 4800).

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Many thanks for your answers.

Un tout grand merci pour vos réponses.