Memory Error Code with a working Memory

Hi everyone,

I am opening this question to the community to see if anyone else has experience in solving this odd problem. I was working on the computer and it all of a sudden powers off and doesn’t power back on.

I tried USB-C power from working computers including MacBook, Chromebook, etc to see if it was a power issue. Ruling it out, I tried re-setting the mainboard by taking out the battery, and the button battery and leaving it out over night and plugging it all back in. I managed to make it show the error code.

It codes saying the the memory is the problem. I tried switching to single stick on 0 and swapping the one from channel 1 to 0. Taking it to a different computer and powering it up and running mem test passes with no issues. I tried 4GB ram I had lying around from a mini pc that works and still no go. I even ordered a Kingston 64GB kit and tried in both just the 32 gb module in channel 0 and all 64Gb of it and still won’t boot.

I have sent about 13 emails back and forth to support but I keep getting a new person and going around in circles. With Videos and Pictures but after a while, the new person asks the same questions I have answered in my prior messages with videos.

I am guessing it’s a motherboard issue showing a memory fault. Anyone else have this issue and have it solved.

Are you responding to the emails previously sent to you, or are you sending in new requests from the website each time? As far as I’m aware you should get the same support rep each time unless you’re escalated, but hopefully @TheTwistgibber will see this thread and be able to offer you some help.

I got the same person finally and the motherboard is getting replaced.

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