Microcode update

Now that Intel has found a defect in the microcode, and has provided the new microcode for gen 13/14 to vendors, will we be getting these updates? Intel says without the update improper voltages can prematurely wear out the CPU.

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Microcode updates are distributed by the operating system. I don’t know, how they are handled on Windows, but on Linux you simply download the new microcode package and on the next boot it should be applied.
As always for Linux, the Arch Wiki has more info on it Microcode - ArchWiki

In this case Intel says otherwise

Intel® requests all customers to update BIOS to microcode 0x125 or later by 7/19/2024.
This microcode includes an eTVB fix for an issue which may allow the processor to enter a higher performance state even when the processor temperature has exceeded eTVB thresholds

So far, all we know is the microcode update targeted towards 13th and 14th gen unlocked desktop chips. There has been no indication this is necessary or applicable to their mobile processors.