Migration Help Available

I am new to this Forum and have already received valuable assistance. I purchased and received a FW 16 Overkill. I had a working, entirely usable, 5 year old Dell 2-in-1. I wanted to migrate everything, since I had so many programs, although not a lot of data since it was mostly on One Drive.

I found a couple of tech people locally in Oakland to assist me. Unfortunately I chose the wrong person, who did not know what he was doing, at least in terms of using the software he claimed to be familiar with.

So, I contacted Support at Acronis, who does make software capable of Cloning, File Transfer, and comprehensive Migration. They assigned a tech to my case and over about 3 hours in a couple of Zoom sessions, walked me through the process. I will spare you the details, and, long story short, I now understand the process for Migration, myself.

Moving from one computer to a new computer with different hardware, can be, at best, a 50/50 proposition, which is why so many people encourage us to just do a clean install. If you want more of the details, I am offering to help. The migration has been entirely successful. ALL of the PROGRAMS are running and all data was successfully moved over. There are still several details to work out, but none are impeding the function on the FW.

Best wishes to any of you who want to do a Migration between your Framework and another computer with different hardware.

Actually. I usually move migrate to a new computer by just moving the disk over.
Under linux this is not a problem :wink: Autodetection is done at every boot.

How might one determine if the SSD drive would physically fit or be acceptable to the Framework. Also makes me wonder about just installing Linux and call it a long day of grief w Windows…

Windows is also surprisingly not that bad at that these days, you may need to nuke gpu and chipset drivers and install new ones later but it usually just boots. Does cause a messier system than you’d get with a fresh install or if you did the same with linux though.

Is it an m.2 m-key(nvme) drive in 2280 or 2230 size? then yes, otherwise no.

You can tell by either physically looking at it, looking up the model number printed on it (or cheking the model you get from software).