Only power plan is balanced on (12th gen 1280P)

I use my laptop for music and it’s only hammering 3 cores which is causing a lot of pops. A lot of the solutions are to max out the CPU in the power plan settings (which don’t exist). Also disabling parked cores isn’t working either. The limited tuning is a first for me on a computer.

My guess is that this is your only ‘recent’ laptop? Microsoft have been stepping away from using Power Plan, but use Power Mode instead…since at least Windows 10. The only Power Plan you get these days is “Balanced”.


You can still create additional Power Plans as you see fit, nothing prevents you from doing so.

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In Windows 11, this is visible in Settings under Power & battery.

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Yeah I’ve only had ‘Balanced’ available since I built the machine. I have tried adding the other plans through Powershell but they just don’t appear.

Unfortunately, a lot of my music software hates W11 so I cant switch yet. It looks like its just a windows 10 problem for now.

Any update on this, will the other power options be coming back soon ?

Unfortunately no. I think it’s just a backend change that Microsoft “thinks” is best.