Windows 11 missing power plans

Does anyone know if the power plans work on Windows 11? I went to the power configuration from control panel but it’s missing several of the options than what W10 usually gives you. And I do have the drivers installed.

Take a look here, it’s not actually restricted to Windows 11, later generation Windows 10 PCs started losing visibility for the same options. The powershell script I pasted in the linked thread allows you to manually re-enable those options


Thank you i will try your script. Another question in the screenshot do you know why Turn off Harddisk is set to 1 minute? That was the default settings.

My presumption is that it’s the Windows default setting and they didn’t bother changing it. The framework laptop actually doesn’t have a hard disk, it has an NVMe SSD which isn’t affected by that setting. This means any setting for the hard disk won’t make a difference for how the framework operates. The script I gave you will unlock all the relevant NVMe settings for you to be able to peruse as well.