Monitor not detected on fresh install Ubuntu 22.04

Hi there,
I just got my new Framework Laptop (DIY, 13th gen Intel) and am still at setting it up. I used a Dell XPS before with Ubuntu 20.04, not I set up the FW with 22.04.
I tried to connect the Monitor I was using with the old Laptop, but FW seems not to be able to detect the attachment of the monitor. I wonder if this is a driver issue? I tried the following:

  • Connect the monitor through HDMI expansion card.
  • Connect the monitor through the USB-C hub I was using before.
  • Connect a different monitor with a USB-C HDMI interface to the USB-C expansion card.
    I tried all of this with two different user accounts, hot plug and reboot, also from a Ubuntu live system. In no configuration have I been able to see the monitor from the Framework Laptop.
    Is there anything else I should try/test?
    I have been using Ubuntu for a couple of years, but so far have little experience with hardware configuration/detection. Any help appreciated,