Moving power adapter changes which ports are powered

Built an 11th gen laptop using parts and kits from the marketplace, still waiting on the battery to show up.
Ive started experiencing an issue while on wall power where the only ports being powered are the ports on the same side as the power adapter.
Ive switched around and removed cards, tried with and without the keyboard attached.
Im not receiving any post codes.
The Framework drivers are installed.
Under the boot device selection screen, it won’t recognize a bootable USB drive in the affected ports.
I did find only one of the ports may have been affected by the shield tape issue but Ive since moved the tape.

Is this something related to the missing battery? I would think if Framework intended for the board to run standalone this wouldn’t be the case?

Im currently on BIOS 3.17 until I get the battery in as the utility will not update without it.

Any help is appreciated

I did find a solution.
I dug out an older Macbook Pro 60W USB-C adapter to use and the issue was resolved.
I was using a ugreen 100W 2xUSB-C GaN adapter with a 100W ugreen cable.