[RESPONDED] Charging laptop with 30W adapter

Can anybody help me please. I’m having issues with charging the laptop while powered on. When powered off it starts charging, hence I’ve been able to boot Arch Linux on there, but the laptop is not charging when connected to power and is powered on :confused:

Are you using the Framework charger? If not, what charger and cable are you using?

I’m using a 30W brick by Apple and a USB-C to USB-C wire from Apple also. I’m also having issues with installing Linux or Windows, Windows does not like the SSD at all, I’ve reformatted the SSD as it wanted and it still is telling me “could not prepare computer to boot…”. I’m frustrated at this point, with the issues getting an OS up and running and having to run off battery power to even set it up

I would recommend trying a 60+W charger.


Have you contacted Framework Support?

Did you use Rufus as required for Windows 11 ?

30W should keep the computer ON. The battery is very slowly charging and won’t run-out unless you use it heavily for an extended amount of time. They talked about it being a sort of ‘emergency mode’ for when you don’t have the right charger with you.

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No, I used boot camp assistant on Mac

Windows 11 doesn’t include the wifi drivers in the current ISO yet. As Windows cannot be installed without working internet (Thanks Microsoft), a workaround is required. Rufus does it on it’s own. The manual way is explained on the web.

Also, it seems W11 is suffering from a bug regarding USB install keys made in UEFI mode (not Framework specific). It’s probably the mode used by boot camp assistant knowing Apple. There are lots of tools for windows or linux that appear to work 100%, like Rufus or Ventoy. But these ones aren’t available for MacOS.

Maybe give balena etcher a try ? Once you get something, anything working, you’ll have access to the known working tools.

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My FW13 is a batch 1 11th Gen Intel machine.
I have charged it with 30 watt Apple, 25 and 45 watt Samsung, and 65 watt or higher chargers.

Recently played Flight Simulator and the battery discharged from 85% to 6% before I landed the plane, using a 45 watt Samsung charger.

This is to be expected, when using a lower wattage charger.

Under general light usage lower wattage charger do power the computer and slowly add battery.

Recommend you seek out a higher wattage charger.

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Correct advice. This will be your best option. An alternative is to purchase a FW charger.

I’m using a 30W Google Pixel charger (I have a “proper” one as well). Since the power usage of my FW13 AMD rarely gets over 25W, it actually keeps it running nicely.