Multiple problems(Won't shut off, TPM not detected, won't sleep...)

The only way to shut off my 13"(Batch 6, end of 2021) is by holding the power button for about 20 seconds. Attempting to shutdown from Windows 11 results in it immediately going back to the Windows login screen. If I turn off “Turn on fast startup” in “Change what the power buttons do” Windows itself actually does stop running, but the laptop is still stuck powered on in zombie state.

Oh, also the TPM Module is listed as not detected/not installed.

This issue started over six months ago. I rarely use this laptop, but I have been using a bunch this past month and this issue is making me annoyed. Any help to resolving this is appreciated.


Windows 11
BIOS 3.19 (Just updated from 3.07 to see if it would help or resolve the issues. It did not.)
Latest driver package, which is the beta from 2021.

Did you follow the instructions in the related post and reach out to support at all? It may unfortunately be too late if you do have a bad board, seeing as you bought it back in 2021 and your warranty period will be over by now.

Have you run windows update to make sure all your drivers are at the newest version? The initial driver package is just meant to get everything working well enough to run Windows update, then you’ll get the most current drivers through that.

I am aware that the laptop is past the warranty. That is why I am on the community support forums for insight.

I know that Framework Support would still provide some degree of support even if the purchase is past warranty, at their discretion. Wouldn’t hurt to send them an email and see how they’d like to handle your ticket.

I, sample of one, can say that my experience with them both during and after warranty period has always been stellar.

For now, you can try a live USB with Ubuntu 23.04 (as an example), and test out if it would suspend and shutdown. (i.e. isolate it from Windows-installation/configuration/driver/software related matter)

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I can check with a live boot in about a week when I am back to the laptop.

I was actively avoiding the support route since my last interaction with them was less than stellar.

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I never tried to insinuate that you didn’t know, I was just curious if you had checked with support, since it seemed like the post you linked was a hardware issue which would be difficult for community support to assist with.

Sorry to hear that your previous support calls have not been great. My hope is that things have improved since the last time you reached out, but there is also the chance that since you’re no longer under warranty they may not be able to do much.

While I don’t think I have the knowledge to help with this issue, I do hope that you’re able to get help from either support or other users who have run into this issue!

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I need my laptop for a trip next week so I am working on this again.

Today’s steps:
1.) Backup SSD to network
2.) Full Wipe/Reformat
3.) Reinstall Windows 11

I can’t reinstall. “PC must support TPM 2.0” It’s dead.


I found an installer work around with Rufus to bypass the TPM requirement. I have a fresh Windows 11 install and it shuts off INSTANTLY!~

( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ Ohohoho…