Multiple screens possible?

I want to share and discuss the idea of connecting additional screens to the laptop.
An example for what I am looking for … have look to site.

Working as a Digital nomad I like/need more display space.
… And I heard that gamers also like large screen :wink:

It would be nice to have the same panels as in the laptop used for this multi screen setup

Is there a chance to connect the additional screen directly to the main board?

As a non gamer I do not need a high performance card … So the expansion space may be used for whatever connection electronics and discrete cabeling

Perhaps the additional screens can be physicaly directly connected to the main screen without an frame around the main screen?

For transporting the additional screen can be plug together to save the screen surface and weight …

Well, perhaps you have more and more mature ideas then I …
Happy to hear it …

you may be interested in this thread:

using boards like these you could adapt Framework panels into two additional screens and use the ports on the laptop as display outputs for them.


I am using a Asus Zenscreen as my secondary laptop monitor.

Having dual monitors on the go is great. I spend a lot of time in online meetings and having a second monitor is really, really good. Meetings become so much more productive when I can work with several monitors. The Zenscreen however, has it’s drawbacks. It’s another thing to lug around and it has it’s own case. And it needs desk space. And takes up the only USB-C port I have on my non-framework laptop.

A good dual monitor laptop on the market would probably be a niche product but it would be a nice niche.

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thanks for sharing your experience.

so, current ZenScreen well fitting to FW16 (size & resolution & brightness) would be MB16QHG

hm … a concept which would not need additional desk space could be something like this DuexFloat

it “just” need to be integrated in the top cover … some sort of slide out