Using FrameWork Laptop as 3rd monitor when at Desktop

I haven’t received my FrameWork Laptop yet, but I am stoked to get it in the upcoming month and I was thinking of a project for my desk. I was thinking of getting a Monitor mount and putting my 2nd monitor above my primary monitor at my Desk, and making a space dedicated to the framework laptop at my desk when at home where my 2nd monitor is currently sitting…

Is there a way to easily use the monitor on the framework laptop as a 3rd monitor for my gaming desktop when it is “docked” at my desk?

Oh no I have no intention to use the framework laptop as a 3rd monitor for gaming. I intend on using it as a 3rd display for general information, like having a twitch diagnostic panel open or my discord open on it.
The main thing I am looking for is to make the monitor behave like a 3rd desktop monitor when I am at my desk, sharing the keyboard and mouse inputs of my desktop and my clipboard

I don’t think the necessary circuitry is present in the laptop itself or in the modules to use the display panel separately from the laptop. Maybe there’s a software solution that can run on the laptop in conjunction with something on your gaming computer to allow you to have the gaming computer send output to the laptop as another monitor?

@Gary_S Yeah I sort of figured, unless someone makes a miracle work of engineering on an expansion card. I sort of expected whatever solution, if at all possible, to be software-based. I heard about a software called Synergy, but that’s a paid service and honestly I don’t want to have to pay a monthly bill in order to do this.

@Freakous, I think spacedesk might also do what you want; I haven’t used it so I can’t say for sure but it sounds like it might do what you’re wanting.

@Gary_S It looks interesting, I haven’t heard of spacedesk. I see you can use it with android as well. I’ll test the software later using my android tablet as a test device after work

I remember one of Linus Tech Tips’ sponsors had some software let you share your mouse, keyboard, and clipboard across multiple computers, supporting Mac and Windows.

Yeah I’m pretty sure it was synergy

I’ll definitely check it out! I never heard of it but after investigating I think this would work as well!