My laptop came with a damaged screen

My Framework 13 was just received this Monday, and the first time I turned it on I noticed the screen was damaged. Looked like a rectangular shape hit it along the left half of it, leaving a vertical line which flashes when touched in certain areas or moved, and a horizontal one too. The box it shipped in had a bit of a dent in it.

Video of its damage: Framework 13, arrived with damaged screen - YouTube

I sent a contact request Monday when I noticed it. Haven’t heard back from support. I’m just curious if anyone received Frameworks with damaged screens as well and what the average wait time for support is.

If the box is damaged too, this definitely sounds like shipping damage! Framework support normally responds in one business day, but they’re currently pretty swamped because of the Framework Laptop 16 launch, so it may take an extra couple days to hear back.


Finally got them on the hook. They’re asking for more pictures than I feel is reasonable given the situation. Might be the pessimist in me speaking, but I’m 95% sure they’re going to deny coverage for the warranty part.

“Never meet your heroes.” Or something like that.

One thing I thought was interesting, and I’ll share on here, is that the raised edge of the plastic cover coincides with the damage about perfectly. Pretty sure some sort of shipping shock caused the edges of the port slots to protrude through it enough to damage a few pixels.

Welp, I’m buying a new screen I guess… eventually. Not covered under warranty.

Got another email from them asking for my shipping information. So maybe they are covering it.