New boot up!

How do I get this to boot up from initial power up? Just assembled it and I assumed too much!

Can you explain where you’re stuck? After assembling the laptop according to the guide, I simply inserted a bootable usb drive (Fedora 39 Silverblue in my case, but windows and other Linux distributions should work mostly the same) and after turning it on and waiting a few minutes (RAM calibration) it automatically started from the stick allowing me to install to the internal SSD.

If you’re using Linux other than Fedora and Ubuntu you might need to disable secure boot first.

I’d simply follow Frameworks setup guide for your OS otherwise.

I am still trying to make a bootable drive. Want to use Windows Media11. Downloaded to my PC then copy to the thumb drive. Trying to use Rufus to establish the right boot up format. Crazy attempts on my PC to get it all working. Takes 30 minutes to downward from Windows. Rufus does not recognize my thumb drives and windows wants a bigger thumb drive when the file is only 6-7GB. Now am using a 64GB Scandisc when I should only need an 8.
I think Framework should have sent the software on a stick !! Especially when they do not have techs ready to help via phone.

Use ventoy ; there is a preloaded version called medicat :

Drop the windows iso into either liveos’s or windows installer folders once you’ve flashed your storage with the medicat image. Reboot off it. Windows ISO’s exceed standard filesystem limitations required and require customization. Using chainloader like ventoy avoids this issue by loop mounting the iso directly from a pre-boot environment.

You’ll also want to unzip the driver package to medicat stick once created so you can access it from the win11 install. Windows doesn’t include the network card drivers so you won’t have internet when you install without it.