New DIY Laptop rotten WiFi

I am suspecting a faulty chip.

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Have you updated the drivers? I have Intel DSA and There have been Bluetooth and 2 WiFi driver updates since I received by batch 4 DIY edition.

Done, to no avail. I still think bad chip.

Are you able to provide any specific details as to what makes you feel that way?

Are you seeing slow speeds? Up/Down?
Packet loss?
Connection intermittence or poor signal quality?
Poor battery life when the module is active?

What specifically is negatively impacting your experience? We might then be able to help you debug the issue, if you’d like.


Have you double checked the antennas on the Wi-Fi card? This seems to be a common problem for DIY users Wifi problem - #7 by Shaun_Kingston

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Antenna? I know all the connections are good as I do have a weak signal. Firther options?

The connection of the new laptop show 2 bars when all others show 4. It is a 5G WiFi.

5Ghz WiFi through a couple walls might result in poor signal as it is not as resilient as 2.4Ghz.

I would verify that your black and white antenna cables are properly secured to the WiFi card. Do be careful, as these can be fragile connectors. Only apply light to moderate force directly downwards, perpendicular to the module itself.

Refer to steps #7 and #8 of the Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions.

Note that the WiFi module will have indicators for which antenna plugs in where. I don’t think it’s critical with this chassis, but better safe than sorry to make sure they aren’t reversed.

Good luck!