New owner of Framework laptop 13

I just bought a Framework laptop 13 from another user. I asked how to let Framework Company that I am the new owner of this Framework laptop 13. I asked previous owners of that Framework laptop 13’s Order number.


What country are you in?


I would also like to understand if FW support second hand FW laptops.
For example, one can buy them on Ebay.
Would framework still support the laptop after being sold on Ebay?
I am in the UK.

The warranty is between Framework and its customers. Customers are those who purchased from Framework directly, or via Framework authorized resellers. The warranty is therefore not transferable. (You can’t transfer an agreement / terms of sales from one user to another).

Unless the UK has a law that states the warranty follows the product, and not the customer.

Having said that, it also depends on what you mean by / expect from the wording of “support”. e.g. Can you update newly release BIOS and / or drivers? Yes, it’s supported. Can you open tickets with Framework Support? Probably yes, it’s their missing to keep the Framework Laptop away from landfills for as long as functionally possible.

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OK. So does this mean I cannot purchase this laptop as a present for my brother?

I think I have my answer. I found this on a “” web site. It is a UK centric consumer advice center.
"How do I use a warranty or guarantee?
It was a gift: If a product you received as a gift is faulty or subject to a product safety recall, you can still claim.

Second_coming laid it out pretty clearly.

So what problem do you envisage that puts you off buying?

Personally I wouldn’t buy from ebay anyway but there is/are the queries

  • why is someone selling
  • will they offer a limited guarantee
  • Do they have a legitimate invoice etc.

Regarding third party use or purchase this means that if there is a valid warrantee it has to be used via the original purchaser, so it could work if you can rely on them.

So what were you thinking of | Is it an internal UK sale etc. |

Via ebay : Just had a look at a Gen 12 being sold in Cardiff @ £950 whereas a new Gen 13 from Framework is £949 ???

So what version and setup do you want to buy and what are you happy to pay ?

Also: Do you have one yourself | Have you had your hands on one | Where do you reside so maybe you can view one


I don’t know what the law is. There are so many laws its impossible to know them all unless you train for years as a lawyer.
In the UK, IT equipment has 2 years Warranty.
For example I purchased a Samsung phone off ebay. It failed. The volume up/down button stopped working. Samsung repaired it under warranty as it was still less than 2 years from the original purchase date / manufacturing date.
So, from that I assumed that warranty follows the device and not the owner in the UK.
It seams reasonable.

I can understand why FW only sell to particular countries. Each country has different consumer laws, and they need to make sure their Warranty documentation etc. complies with the laws. As they add new countries, they change their documentation. They only need to give 1 year warranty in the USA, but minimum 2 year warranty in the UK, so they probably charge a little more for the UK version to cover that longer period.

There are some FW13 on ebay for about 560 GBP.
I already have a FW16.

I think I will hold off getting a FW13 as not all the spare parts for it are available on the FW marketplace. E.g. the keyboard surround that the keyboard and touchpad attach to.
You do not seem to be able to purchase the surround bit on its own. You can purchase the keyboard and touchpad on its own.

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No lawyer knows much of the law, but how to find information and argue the case.

Yes that’s a full warranty. But all products are covered, if bought new in the UK from a UK company for six years under the consumer of goods act. I.e. you can make a claim for a repair after the 2 years if it was reasonable to expect the product to last longer, although the manufacturer, not the vendor can ask for a fee if the repair is beyond what is reasonably expected. I have used this option and was offered a full refund as the repair was more expensive. It was only an electric pump costin approx £123

Faulty product? How to get a refund, repair or replacement

The time period for doing so only runs for six years from the date of possession in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and typically runs for five years from the date you became aware of the issue in Scotland. … Under the Sale of Goods Act (which applies to goods bought before 1 October 2015), the time limit was a less clear-cut three to …

Yes that seems to be the ‘case’ :slight_smile: It’s called the [ Input Panel ] when complete with keyboard and touchpad. Though I imagine it’s one of the last things that would require a replacement.

I bought my framework from someone who got it as a gift but didn’t want it. I subsequently had an issue with the charging cable splitting. Framework asked for the original order number which I didn’t have. They eventually replaced it, but it would have been easier if I had the original order number.

Hi there,

Our support team aims to provide RMA support (part replacement) on second-hand sales that are still within the limited warranty. In cases where the customer does not have the original order number or didn’t place the order themselves (i.e., gifts), the support team asks for the serial number to check against our records.

At the moment, there is no system for transferring the order/product info to a new account (of the new owner).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Just out of interest, which date does the warranty start from?
Dates to choose from:

  1. pre-order date
  2. final card charge date
  3. shipment date
  4. date delivered.

Definitely Delivery Date

I am from United State.