Next challenge? A mini PC laptop is the greatest idea from a new way of consuming/ working with technology. More than ever, In this time of consciousness, we need to manufacture long-lasting modular equipment. It is a shame to throw away a whole computer, smartphone, washing machine… with so expensive and toxic rare metals and other components just because one or more part are obsolete or damage.

But… how about next level? How about becoming next Tech leading company bringing customers modular&DIY machines?

Computer: It would be great to have around an Mini PC motherboard upgradable with low-consumption battery/ PD and dedicated Graphics. For creators / designers / architectures / gamers / streamers… but also a whole All-in-one

Sify speaking? As H.Simpson would have: A Washing machine programmable (sounds, spin programms…) :wink:

What do you think?


The useable mainboard already makes this possible. You don’t have to wait on Framework to create it (and I believe this is part of their hope as well), as you can create it yourself.

Elevated Systems on Youtube showed his own Cyberdeck using the Framework mainboard. I have plans to make a mini laptop with it as well. Going to take me a while though.

Of course I would be happy if Framework offered something officially themselves in the form of another project (not necessarily in the form of a mini PC), as they have the engineering chops to make something else truly compelling.

I love the Framework laptop.


Love my Framework as well, and would unload my NUC with its soldered parts in a second and drop $$ on a Framework mini option.

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My first idea is that when they offer a newer gen mainboard or upgrade the current board, I would just make a mini pc from the board I replaced. The mainboard itself would just need a case to fit it!


Seems like a mini PC case should be in the market place. It would allow the use of the existing mainboards / type-C adapter cards. No extra mods just a quick case. This would allow to have a “formal” mini-pc offering (perhaps this is part of the plan already - in which case kudos!).

But also it would allow those upgrading their laptops to move the old mother boards to be come small mini-pcs with just the addition of a case.

Cost should be low-ish as it doesn’t need to support the laptop screen and other items.

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