No boot to install utility

Does anybody know why when I push the power button the laptop seems to spin up without booting to the install utility? I know my installation media is fine from previous use. It appears to start heating up like crazy with no other inputs.

I’m running secondhand RAM I removed from a previous laptop, and I haven’t tested it in a while. Could bad components be the issue?

(late) UPDATE: I fixed this issue by reseating the ram. I think the modules I had were old enough (from a PC I last used in 2016) that the contacts may have been gummed up by dust or maybe tarnished over time.

Previous use on the Framework laptop, or previous use on another system? If it’s GPT and looking for MBR, or MBR and looking for GPT, it may not boot by default. i.e. if you used it on a machine with a BIOS with no issues, that doesn’t mean you can use it on a machine with UEFI with no issues.

Anyways, try just tapping away at F12 from the moment you press the power button. That should get you to a one-time boot menu. I think the timeout to enter F12 is about 1 second, so you may want to start tapping F12 from before you even hit the power button.

There is some additional guidance around potential issues booting from USB here: How do I boot from a USB drive?