No bootable device

I got my laptop today and I put the storage and ram in and i go to turn it on but it does not detect my boot drive so than try to go to boot manager but my arrow keys dont work. should i just download windows with a usb drive. will this effect the windows 11 i got with the laptop?

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We might have similar problems:

What set up do you use?

If you bought a DIY edition laptop (I assume that you did by the fact that you added your own RAM and storage) Then the Windows 11 that you purchased with it is just an activation key that was sent to you separately and will not be effected if you install it yourself.

If you bought a prebuilt laptop and your drive is not being recognized, I would contact support as that may be a drive failure. Otherwise there are many threads like the one posted above that can help you troubleshoot your boot drive not showing up.

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What made you think there’s any software / data on the drive to boot with?