No display output - CoolerMaster case + i7-1165G7 + USB-C PD Hub


I just received my order of a CoolerMaster case, and a new i7-1165G7 mainboard to go with it.
I am pairing it with:

  • SSD: Samsung 990 Pro 4TB
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB 2400MHz (2x16GB kit - CMSX32GX4M2A2400C16)
  • Expansion cards:
    – 1x 2.5G Ethernet
  • Power: Official Framework powerbrick

I installed the RAM & SSD (both verified functioning in another device) on the mainboard and screwed it into the CoolerMaster case.
Since the device itself has USB-C ports for the modules and I have an Anker PowerExpand 11-in-1 USB-C PD Hub, I thought it unnecessary to buy any extra USB-C/DisplayPort/HDMI modules.

I pressed the powerbutton, being greeted by the sound of an airplane turbine and that’s all she wrote.
I tried connecting the powerbrick to the mainboard itself at first, with the Hub on another port but no display showed.
Afterwards I connected the power to the Anker Hub first, as I thought maybe the HDMI/DisplayPort ports weren’t getting any power in time to display the BIOS screen for some reason. Alas, no image here either.

Now I’m wondering if my mainboard is DOA, or if it’s possible that I do need a USB-C module, or if because it’s a hub and not a direct HDMI/DisplayPort module it doesn’t pass through the displaysignal.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated

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Can you get an HDMI module? I have a very similar setup, but I power the board using a USB-C module and connect the screen to a HDMI module. Everything is working well.

Did you wait for the memory training? It could take a few minutes.

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Make sure to wait for memory training, but if it sits there longer than expected I would say that you should try to get an expansion module or another dongle to test alternative display connections. Framework are only able to officially verify their expansion modules, but those should work similarly to your Anker hub. There is a chance of incompatibility between that dongle and the mainboard, otherwise you’re still under warranty, so it wouldn’t hurt to message support for further help.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I managed to resolve my issue by changing out the RAM to a 3200MHz kit, as that is the recommendation on the compatibility list anyway.
For some reason the 2400MHz kit was giving me an unbootable mainboard.

With the new RAM seated, I can boot up and have display through the DisplayPort of the Anker Hub, so I can set up the system as a headless server now :slight_smile:

This issue is resolved.