No Sleep -> Hibernate transition

I’m having troubles with significant battery drain during standby; it’s not uncommon for my system to hit the “reserve battery level” (10%), which will trigger a hibernate, if I don’t leave the laptop plugged in overnight. My understanding is that Windows should be moving to Hibernate after 5% battery drain, but this isn’t happening.

I’m aware of the High Battery Drain During Suspend thread, and I don’t want to start another battery drain thread. Rather: what do I do to get my laptop to hibernate after 5% drain?

I’m running Windows 11, and at the advice of that suspend thread, I have:

  • explicitly enabled Hibernate: powercfg /hibernate on
  • re-installed the latest driver bundle for Windows 11
  • used Group Policy to disable network during connected-standby (okay, this wasn’t the advice of the thread, I just always disable this myself)
  • confirmed that I am, in fact, on BIOS 3.07
  • rebooted

However, I’m still seeing significant battery drain during standby with no transition to hibernate:

And in the Balanced power plan settings, I don’t see an option to enable hibernation. I’m not sure if this is because Windows 11 makes it even harder to find hibernation, or if I’ve done something previously that removed it (I’m a new user, so no screenshot here, sorry).

How do I enable the transition to hibernation after 5% battery drain during standby?

In an elevated (right click on CMD and click run as admin) CMD window type powercfg /a

and please share the input. The type of behavior you are after is part of the S0 standby scheme. The first step is to make sure that you are using that.

Of course! I do appear to be using S0:

On Windows 10 power plan settings, If I set Sleep > Hibernate after > On battery: Never, it will not doze to hibernate after 5%. Setting it to a value other than ‘Never’ enables that behavior for me.

@feesh Yeah, that’s the screenshot that I couldn’t include. For some reason, the hibernation options don’t show up in that menu:


You might need to enable hibernate here first before that shows up:

@feesh Yup, that was my starting point – and the powercfg /hibernate on is supposed to be the command-line equivalent. I even have Hibernate as an option in those four menus:

Not sure then. Could be a Win11 quirk. There are a few people using Win11 on the Framework in this thread, could maybe ask them.

After poking around at a bunch of things, I found a registry key that controls whether the “Hibernate after…” setting shows up in the advanced power plan settings:

Set the DWORD value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\238C9FA8-0AAD-41ED-83F4-97BE242C8F20\9d7815a6-7ee4-497e-8888-515a05f02364\Attributes to 2 to force it to show up.

I haven’t checked to see if this addresses my “hibernate after 5% battery drain” situation, but at least I can set it to a reasonably short value until MS/Intel figure out how to properly support these new sleep states.

EDIT: That, in combination with forcing a hibernation file to be created by running powercfg /h /type full in an Adminitrator powershell/cmd session, seems to have fixed my problem! I just successfully hibernated after a 5% battery drop during S0 standby.

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Somewhere I have heard (possibly from @CJ_Elevated ?) that the expansion cards still drain power when the laptop is sleeping/hibernating. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard that.

I have the same problem. Battery life is abysmal which really defeats the purpose of the laptops thin and light ultra portable design. It’s honestly my biggest gripe because I love the framework laptop.

@mutemule Glad you figured it out!

@Ris Draining during sleep vs hibernate are two different issues. The former (~600 mW/h drain) is caused by non-USB-C cards and the latter (much slower drain) is a different issue fixed in the next BIOS release.

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@feesh This is good to know. I haven’t update my bios since I got my batch 3 machine. Just updated to the latest version 3.07 and am eager for 3.08 to be released. As per the other battery drain issue I replaced all my expansion cards with type-c expansion cards and just carry the others in my Homemade Expansion Card Holder for when I need them. Thanks for pointing that out to me.