No video, power weirdness, after replacing display panel


I had been experiencing weirdness with my Framework 11 laptop. One of the sets of columns had gone dead on the panel, almost like the column driver IC had failed (

I just replaced the panel, following the replacement instructions. Now the laptop’s status light is green for two seconds, then goes back to white. The backlight comes on and goes off a couple times, then the laptop just sits there. No output on the HDMI card. Same behavior with all cards but USB-C removed.

I followed reset instructions at Fully Resetting the Mainboard State - Framework Guides but no dice.

I did notice that the laptop is not powered on while on battery. It immediately powers off when the stock FW charger is unplugged. Maybe related? Not sure.

Edit: I just tried removing the new Framework 13 Original panel and replacing it with the old panel. The old panel lights up fine with video, except the dead columns are still dead. Is it possible that the panel is DoA or not compatible with my Framework 13?


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Always a possibility. Maybe shipping damage? I don’t think there are compatibility issues when both panels are from Framework.