Numeric keyboard in place of trackpad

I never use the trackpad (too big (or two old) fingers) and I would highly prefer to have a numeric keyboard instead.

I wonder if it could be a possible option and if other could be insterested.

Are you?

the framework 16 already has a numpad option, and does allow you to remove the touchpad. Doing this on the 13 would be more difficult, as IDK if there’s enough depth available on the lower portion of the input cover to have room for keyswitches

Not really. I mean technically you can remove it, but then there would be ugly empty space and I think the Framework 16 checks if all modules are installed before it will boot.

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Might be able to do something like this in software.

there would be an empty space, but you could get spare spacer modules to cover it. as for the boot thing, that sounds like something that could be patched in firmware

though relatedly it could also be cool to see an input module for the 16 and/or input cover for the 13 with a thinkpad-style trackpoint