A "numpad" module for full arrow keys

Am I alone in wanting a keyboard module, that also takes up the numpad slot, with full sized arrow keys?

It could work as a keyboard without any arrow keys, pg up/down, etc and a “numpad” module with these keys.

Do you think this would be available on release, or possibly a fast follow up?

I’m on tenterhooks for the keyboard deep dive, but worry this may be the factor that makes me go elsewhere, or start to learn about 3d printing.

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Would the keyboard module really need to have no arrow keys, though? You could just pair the normal keyboard with a numpad-sized module that has full sized arrow keys.

Also, you know that the normal numpads have arrow keys and pg up, pg down, right? When numlock is off, that’s how the keys function. And on the Framework-16 you’ll be able to remap any keys however you wish. You can make any keys you prefer function as arrow keys. The modules run QMK firmware which offers a ridiculous level of configuration. It’s great. I put QMK on my 15 button mouse even.

Since the numpad already offers those keys, I would guess no.

Hey, I’d also love to see this. My current laptop has the exact same design. The main reason I like the numpad is due to the insert, home, end, pageup, etc. keys which are there in a 3X3 box with full arrow keys below. I’d love to see something similar on the FW16. I hate those tiny arrow keys and when I need the arrow keys I’d prefer the full sized set. This is more compact, doesn’t require numlock, looks nicer in my opinion, and the keys are easier to get to. Though I’d prefer this, I can understand why they are going for the full set on launch. I do hope this style comes available at some point but I doubt it’d be easy to make with just a 3d printer, low skills, and online PCB sites.

For refference, this is what I’m talking about:


You could just get the macro pad input module and reprogram it to have a arrow key layer and a numpad layer. My custom keyboard running qmk I made does pretty much exactly that (the input modules are running qmk).