Proposal about new hardware and existing Framework laptop orders

  • Suppose I make an order for a Framework laptop, specifying a Ryzen 7040 as processor, with a delivery date in six months.
  • In the meantime, the new Ryzen 8040 becomes available as an option for the new Frameworks.
  • When my laptop starts being built, I would like to have the new processor, even if in my order I specified the old version.

Now, it is true that my original order is basically a contract between Framework as a company and myself, and a new processor would need an update of the contract.

But wouldn’t it be a good idea if, in the order form, we could have the option to:

  • Allow Framework to use newer components if available at the moment of building the product.
  • Specify the extra time we are ready to wait to have the latest components installed (e.g. in case a new processor should be due in a short time frame).

Note: this is a general question. The Ryzen 8040 upgrade is just an example. The same question applies to, e.g., Ryzen 9040, or to a new display, new chassis, …

Imho @nrp already answered that question:

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@ATi - My question is general. The Ryzen 8040 upgrade is just an example. The same question applies to, e.g., Ryzen 9040, or to a new display, new chassis, …

@Pietro_Mele - Your initial post (before your edit) suggested otherwise.

To my understanding, pre-orders are only made available for upcoming products.
It’d make no sense for Framework to undermine their own upcoming products by announcing even newer ones in the meantime before delivering the further.
And once a product has become available and all pre-orders have been served, the possibility of pre-ordering said product will cease, like for the current Intel 13th-gen- and soon for the AMD based Framework Laptop 13, as said products can be shipped shortly after the order has been placed.

To put it in a nutshell, I don’t see a use case for your suggestion regarding new CPUs.

Regarding periphals: you are already able to change your order a last time when receiving a message from Framework about your pre-order being made ready for shipment and can add anything available in that area in the marketplace at said time.


@ATi - Let me make an example:

  • I make an order for a Framework laptop, with CPU A, to be delivered in six months.
  • Framework orders CPU A in batches of 1000 a month.
  • The time it takes for a laptop to be built is one week.
  • After three months a new version of the CPU is released, CPU B, compatible with CPU A, which is no longer on the market in the required quantities.
  • The production of Framework laptops with CPU A decreases, while the one with CPU B increases.
  • My laptop has not been built, yet. I would like to have the option to update my order to have CPU B, without loosing the 100 pounds I paid when placing the order and keeping my place in the queue.

Is this possible?

Thank you

No, because, as you have already been told further up this thread, FW would not be releasing a product that had an optional change like that before they had finished shipping all the preorders for the one you originally ordered.

Secondly, the preorder system (thus far) has only had back orders for about 3-4 months, so trying to order a product for 6 months hence would not be possible.

According to this knowledgebase article, that is currently technically not possile:

You’re not loosing your 100 pounds, they get refunded when you cancel your order.