Ordering and Returns Experience

I’ve had a good experience recently ordering parts, a keyboard and fingerprint reader needed replacing and the touchpad cable looked damaged.

The simplicity of ordering, reasonable cost, delivery to UK, packaging… really excellent, fast a few days with zero issues.

I did miss in the part details that the cable mentioned was included with the keyboard (a photo of both sides of the part would have helped - as of course would have reading the detail… lol) , so I ended up with two cables.

In my enthusiasm, and excitement of bring this Framework back to life, I decided to return the unopened cable…

This is where Framework could lift their game, and automate the returns process.

Returns are when things have definitely gone wrong (for whatever reason), and where reputations can be easily made or lost.

It is obvious a third party is involved handling returns, and despite their politeness, they do very little other than delay matters and tell you

" Framework Support is currently under extreme contact volume due to the start of batch processing for Framework Laptop 16. Responses will be delayed. We are working as quickly as possible to respond to inquiries in the order they were received. Thank you for your patience."

Emailing a returns label, matching that the order placed, is not a big ask, nor a big task.

I wouldn’t normally bother posting this, but I do want this product to have a long life and a good reputation.

Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your feedback. I’ll share it with the team.

Meanwhile, I checked what’s happening with your return request. It seems our team got back to you on the same day you reached out to us, and we’ve been waiting for a reply from your end. If you do not see our email, please make sure to check the spam folder as well.

If you have any additional feedback after completing the return, please share that as well.


Thanks for the quick reply, but there is quite some detail missed.

I first reached out on the 22 Feb.

I received a reply on the 23rd, asking for

Street address:
Zip code:
Phone number:

(Note - no order number)

All of this information was on the original order, which to raise my point, all that was needed for a return is the original order number.

I replied on the 23rd, unfortunately using a separate Email address, but included all of the above AND the the order number.

Asking if I was only returning the cable (this was repeating what was said originally)

On the 25th
“We’ve escalated your ticket for return processing and one of our staff will be back with you with additional instructions. Please expect some delayed response from our RMA team as they will resume work on Monday PST.”

and on the 28th…

Please be on the lookout for another email with the return shipping label and additional instructions.

As yet no shipping label has been sent.

Thank you for providing additional information. It seems that replying from another email address has caused slight delays on our end. I’ve noted the last email on the 27th and will be sharing feedback internally.

Please be aware that we request address information from customers for part replacements to err on the side of caution, in case they have changed their addresses since the laptop shipment.

Kindly await the upcoming email for return instructions and another email regarding the part replacement. Feel free to share any further feedback once the process is completed.

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The return label arrived by email on March 4.

I managed to get it printed and despatched yesterday March 9 to a UK address.

It is not quite clear what will happen next.

Once we receive the Framework Laptop 13 Touchpad Cable, our service center will process the return within 5 business days, and we’ll initiate a refund if everything is in order. The refund will land in your bank account within 5-10 business days, depending on your card provider.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or reply back to the last email you have received from the support team.

Just wanted to finish this off.

March 4 The return label arrived by email which I needed to print and add to the packaging.

March 11 part dropped off at a nearby dropoff point

March 13 return received email notice sent from Framework advising refund should arrive in 5-10 business days.

March 13 refund arrives ahead of time. All good.

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