Overwatch not working for anyone else? [Solved]

I read a lot of reviews about playing Overwatch on a Framework laptop. ~50 fps at 1920x1080 resolution seems pretty common. Sounded decent, so I gave it a try. Averaging around 1 fps. No idea what is going on. It won’t allow me to change my resolution in game, nor can I change my resolution in the display settings in Windows 10. Am I missing something? Anyone who got Overwatch working able to tell me how they did it? Thanks.

All my drivers are up to date according to the Windows driver check.

Do you have one or two sticks of RAM?

I have one stick of 8gb, which I know can impact performance a bit in gaming. I actually just figured out the issue literally about a minute ago. Something went wrong when I installed my Framework Driver Bundle initially. I reinstalled the whole bundle again and it fixed my issue. It was a complication with installing an older version of Windows 10 Enterprise edition and then updating it so my dang Wi-fi card would work. It has been a long day.

So, if anyone in the future has this same issue and happens to stumble upon this post, try reinstalling the driver bundle. It might help.


Good that you got it working. I have no problems with Overwatch on my laptop.

Edit: just did a quick test.

1080p, low, borderless window 16:9 (game crops in or stretches in full screen mode, so use borderless window) gave me around 40-48fps inside the practice area. Lowering the render scale to 75% boosted that above 60fps