Painting Clear Keyboards

I’ve been thinking it’d be neat to have a keyboard/macropad where the RGB lighting is configured to turn on just red/blue/green depending on which key modifiers are pressed. For example, if the default color is blue, you can see the blue numbers on the number keys, and pressing shift turns them green, which shines through the symbols on those keys instead. That said, I’m not sure what to consider when painting a keyboard; what paints to use, how to keep the paint from getting between the keys given they aren’t meant to be removed and replaced, etc. Has anyone tried applying translucent paint to a clear Framework keyboard or macropad, particularly the RGB versions? I won’t be able to try this for myself for a fair amount of time, but it’d be great to know if it can be done in a way that looks half decent and either doesn’t wear off with heavy use, or is easy enough to re-apply later.