Partition Size?

I’d appreciate some input regarding the following concern/question:

I’ve only ever used a non-partitioned C drive to run all of my programs.

  • I’m under the impression that if I partition the drive isolating the operating system C drive: (Windows 11 pro in my soon to come Framework) I’ll be able to more easily restore, reload, fix issues if they arise with regard to the operating system.

  • I’d also like to set aside space in a D drive space for the programs I’m intending to load.

  • A third partition would be reserved for saving production files (word docs, adobe AI files, etc…

  1. How much space would be wise to set aside for for Win 11 pro and updates?

  2. I can figure out the space required for resident programs. What buffer or percentage more space would be wise to allocate for this section of the drive?

Main memory will be WD Black 850n 2tb
32 gb (2x16gb) RAM

Lastly: I’m going to endeavor to debloat Win11 Pro on my own.

Is anyone familiar with Chris Titus’ One Tool?

Thoughts regarding this means of debloating Win11 Pro?

Any other legit tools that are available and safe to use?

Ultimately, I want to remove absolutely all tracking, telemetry, Cortana, Edge (after I dl other secure browsers), etc…

Thank you for your guidance.

Not an aside, I’m really grateful for the collective knowledge of this community. Y’all have been Johnny on the Spot with great answers and assistance.

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When I install Windows I mostly run a debloater script.

Something like this.

However, I suggest to read the script carefully to understand what it’s doing.

I would never in my life run a binary that changes my OS that I cannot inspect myself of what it’s doing on a productive system. So no, I dont care who this Youtube guy is, it’s simply a no-go option for me.

As for space: That really highly depends on your usage. Since you have 2TB of data, I suggest reserving 100GB for Windows and putting another 100GB aside (not allocated) between your Windows and Program Partition so if you need more space on either side you can allocate it once needed.

So your partition layout would be: Windows <> EMPTY <> Programs <> User Data

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I have been partition drives in a similar fashion for decades, however that was when I wanted to defragment drives and I could choose to defrag my [Programmes] or [Media] or [Backups] or [Personal] drives. I often had around 6 and one with [Ubuntu]

Now there is no defrag to do it is not so important.

I use a 512G NMVe and 128G of that is for Win and a small amount of [program files]

I have the rest as a partition for working on an OS if I get around to it

I use a 256 Expansion card which is partition for
Ubuntu, Programmes and Personal. That way I can carry my work anywhere to read it and not have to pull the NVMe

All the best

Really appreciate the experience and advice you both shared.

Will heed.

@Anachron I read through the script. I don’t see Cortana or Edge noted. Does the script deal with these features? If so, how…disable or remove?


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@Lake Microsoft really tried their best to hide Cortana from their system.

The application Microsoft.549981C3F5F10_8wekyb3d8bbwe is Cortana.

See another article on how to uninstall Cortana: How to uninstall Cortana on Windows 10 May 2020 Update | Windows Central

Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppxPackage

As for Microsoft edge, I suggest something like:

(But make sure you have a browser alternative installed beforehand)

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The only software I’ve found to really be worth running on a separate drive or partition is Steam.

The rest just gets too complicated. Life it too short. I used to do all the debloating etc. years ago when storage was important and also every single core CPU cycle was precious but far too often you’d be doing something and then some odd dependancy would pop up and…oh dear! I did need that component after all.

Jusr uninstall the MS apps you dont need, thats about it.

TLDR…dont bother.


This is such a bad advice. Debloating is not only about freeing space. It’s about stopping the companies from actively tracking you. And to regain functionality that they removed (“to protect users from themselves”).

At least in its current state, most of the bloat can be removed without running into dependency issues down the road. This may at one time change, but currently it works well.

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Just casual opinions and there’s a degree of I’m not worried about being tracked, they can find me if they want to with or without a laptop, with a laptop I have abetter chance of seeing them coming.

I’ve never had viruses or adverts etc. since Win 95 or Win 98

It depends largely on use I suppose. I do very little programming, don’t use social media, use a client [Thunderbird] for emails and have all cookies etc. blocked.

For a site to get to my browser it has to ask?

Bad advice ?? All advice is bad, just make mistakes and then be more careful ~ another bit of bad advice :slight_smile:

It won’t make any difference. You are wasting your time. There are simple tools to turn off the telemetery if that makes you feel better. You are being tracked one way or another. Live with it or rise up and overthrow society as it exists today. Your choice.

It’s far better to have a machine that works than one that falls over due to some obscure part being missing.

I will always fight for my freedom and my rights.
It’s sad to see other people giving up theirs because they’re tired/too busy.

Anyway, OP asked how to debloat his Windows and I answered, no need to convince him to do or not do it.

That always makes me chuckle. :joy:

About 15 years too late on that one.

Interesting views, just a bit off topic.

There’s partitioning, which led to de-bloating, I think for space, there was no indication the OP had a security worry/paranoia.

Security is important, but what to secure and why is another issue/topic and very personal . . . so will not get into that here.

To take car or not to take care and of what, laters :slight_smile:

I suggest that you consider resizing the ESP ( UEFI System Partition ) to be larger than default size as well. Framework firmware updates temporarily use space there and if you ever want to multi-boot additional OSs it may be necessary to have more space on the ESP. Some linux distros are recommending 1 GB for the ESP. I went with 4 GB for my ESP on my framework 13.

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Hmmm! I didn’t think my queries would provoke such an interesting conversation.

I’ll share my position. I’m under zero delusion that once online in mearly any form our privacy is all but demolished.

And I’m not knowledgeable specifically and especially with regard to safety.

I see an increased effort on my part to debloat as much of the operating syatem software as possible, as a type of insurance.

The analogy being we buy insurance as a just in case x happens. I see debloating as a means of protecting/taking back some modicum of my privacy.

I dont want to hand over wholesale my information and if i can slow it down, mask it, thwart it in some measure I’d like to try.

The rationale, “I’ve nothing to hide because I’ve done nothing wrong,” while sort of valid, doesn’t ring for me.

There’s nothing wrong with making love with your woman. I’m sure you don’t broadcast that information to others.

I see my activity and privacy in a similar light. It ought to be completely in my co trol and not at the mercy of some oligarch or corporatocracy.

In the end it may be nothing more than a fool’s errand. That said, I find I need to make the effort.

Thanks for the direction regarding cautions and solutions.

I’ll keep that script handy and use it when i get my new rig.

Wishing you all well.

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Never understood why people argue so much about other people’s choices:
Tea vs coffee
Coffin vs cremate
Privacy vs show it all

What I care is that the choice is there…not what other people choose for themselves.

Everyone, you do you…and be happy about it. Like how does that other computer de-bloat (or not) even affect you half way around the world?


I have a clue as to why folks argue, usually, it’s about territory, ego, the need to assert what is perceived by one as the “right” or “best” position. That said, I didn’t take any of the responses as arguing, but see them being presented from an impassioned position.

More importantly, I’m grateful there is passion here and even more grateful, it is a civil dialogue and not some clamped down censored, misguided, uninformed diatribe.

In the end it’s all potentially nothing more than 1s and 0s…it’s information upon which when shared, hopefully, together we might find a more enlightened position.

Again my thanks for contributing to what I don’t know and how I might get there in the most efficient and best way possible.