Portable monitor doesn't work over USB-C (Intel 11th gen)

Framework 13
Intel 11th gen
BIOS v3.19
Windows 11

I recently bought a USB-C portable monitor. It works just fine with other laptops, even with the single USB-C method. However, it doesn’t work on my Framework and in Windows I get a USB power surge warning everytime I try to use it. The portable monitor can connect via a single USB-C connection or thru a USB-C power and mini HDMI video connection.

It seems like this is a common issue with Framework laptops. I would be willing to do extensive testing with the Framework team in order to get his fixed. Thanks!

This issue has been posted before, but for AMD systems:
[RESPONDED] AMD Framework : Portable Monitor won't work

Before doing extensive testing, I would start with basic testing, like power the laptop with a 65w charger, then try the monitor in all 4 slots and see if you get the expected results for each slot. Then try powering both the laptop and the monitor in all 4 slots. Report which configurations behave as expected and which don’t.

I’m pretty sure this is your key problem here. If the monitor is pulling too much power it will not work. Power thresholds are set for many reasons, and I guess I’m just curious why your display needs SO much power.

Could you share with us the model of display you are using?

Does the monitor work with the dual USB C method? If so this is purely a voltage issue. Your monitor is thirsty. Not all laptops and the power their ports can provide are the same.