Post code + display not powering on (new 12th gen)

Hello! Very excited to have received my 12th gen laptop, but I’m now a bit stuck. I installed the RAM (HX426S15IB2K2/32 from another laptop in case that makes a difference) and SSD and tried to power the laptop on and I get the following pattern:


The screen doesn’t turn on and I haven’t been able to find any definitions for the post codes. I’ve reseated both stick of ram together and solo in both slots, reset the mainboard, reseated the display and camera cables, and finally contacted support. However, I’m still confused about why there’s no definition for the post codes. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @turova ,

The best approach is to open a support ticket so we can help get this resolved for you. Since our support staff focus on resolving issues of this nature in a ticket form, this is going to be the recommended course of action.


Thanks, I submitted the same thing as a ticket, just anxious to get this running since I pulled my other laptop apart to get this one going. Any chance you can direct me to some definitions of the post codes though? That’s mainly what I was hoping to get out of this thread.

@turova, see the post linked here: Speaking of POST errors - seeking documentation - #2 by nrp

If I am converting it properly it looks like 0x80, which from the linked page resolves to this:
#define PEI_MEMORY_INSTALL 0x80 // Simple Memory test

Do you have any other RAM with which to test?