Speaking of POST errors - seeking documentation

Is there any information published that I may have missed which documents what each of the items tests, and what constitutes a passed versus a failed test? Thanks in advance.

Edit to add - I am aware of this page, but it does not explain what each of the 8 post code bits signifies.

Cleaning this up is on the TODO list, but here is a list you can reference: https://gist.github.com/kiram9/3a5415a015e7e70a4a8c2f9f3f4e623d


Thank You! Bookmarked.

Following up on this. Laptop working fine but POST sequence is as follows:

All green | Orange | BBBGGBGG

Laptop Specs:
Batch 1 DIY
AX210 No vPro
64GB Crucial
SK Hynix P312TB
USB-C x4
3.07 BIOS
Pop!_OS 21.10

I’m going to pull the RTC and the main battery and let it sit for a bit, then reinstall and see if anything changes. As noted, the machine seems to be working fine. It might be helpful to have a basic guide to what each of the final codes represents. I had dug into it a bit based on the info above, but it’s a bit beyond me.

Initial boot after reconnecting the batteries:

Subsequent boots:

If I am decoding this properly, that’s 0x41 on the first one and 0x27 on subsequent boots, which, if I am correct, translate to South bridge SPI initial and Get boot device information, respectively. Digging into that some more.