Potential to swap heatpipe cooling unit for vapor chamber cooling unit?

Seeing as everything on the laptop is customizable/replaceable, could it be possible for the framework team to design a vapor chamber cooling system that could be swapped in place of the current heat pipe solution? I recall seeing that the Razer Book 13 while having the same 11th gen tiger lake CPU as other laptops in this class, had much better performance/thermals due to its vapor chamber cooling. I understand that something like this is incredibly complex, especially considering size constraints. Just an idea, curious to see what others think?


I’m not convinced that the bottleneck is the spreader or heat pipes rather than the radiator and fan, but I’ll agree that, if an improved thermal solution were offered, I’d love to upgrade to it!

Also, if simply an improved fan were offered, I think I’d be interested - the current fan sounds a little rattly to me in the mid RPMs