Power button not working

I got my Framework Laptop 13 today (Intel 13th gen), and the power button does not work at all.
The LED light doesn’t turn on at all, and pressing the button to turn on the computer does nothing.
If the laptop is plugged in (with the included power adapter), the power button gets extremely hot to the touch.
I managed to turn the laptop on (after opening it and closing it multiple times to check if the input cover ribbon cables were properly connected, all of them were) and install the Driver Bundle, which failed to install the fingerprint drivers due to not detecting a fingerprint device.
I also tried turning the laptop off while it was on with the power button, and it didn’t work.

I’m also seeing some POST LED lights, but I’m not sure if they’re related to the power button issue as I’m not able to interpret them

Has this ever occurred to anyone before?
I already contacted support, but I wanted to double check anyways


I’d suggest unplugging the fingerprint reader / power button until support gets back to you.

You can use the “Power on AC attach” option in BIOS in the meantime. And the power button on the motherboard to power-on, so you can get into the BIOS.

See here [IN-TICKET] Switching power despite defective Fingerprint module - #2 by Scott_H

LED post codes can be found here

Be aware that it might take longer than normal for support to get back to you.
The Framework Laptop 16 release has seen a huge demand, unexpectedly so, and customer questions and order modification requests are putting a big strain on support resources.