Problems with fingerprints

I have a little trouble with keeping my framework clean. As soon as I touch it, there are fingerprints. Do you have a solution for that or am I wierd that way?
My old laptop was made from plastic and didnt show fingerprints like that. Dont get me wrong, the framework feels much better. I just dont like the fingerprints everywhere…
Thanks for your help

I don’t get any. However I do a lot of manual labour and am washing them everytime I go to use the laptop so they are dry. Similarly I prepare all my own food so have to repeatedly wash my hands ~ and the story goes on :slight_smile:

Just wash your hands if you been in the kitchen etc.

I also get sweaty finger after a while, so I would have to stand up and wash my hands every 20 mins or so. Thats not really an option for me.

Maybe just keep some paper towels at hand.

It is unpracticle to do anything to the laptop, like coat it with silicon, so if you are not prepared to clean you hands more often you may want to consider why your fingesr are so sweaty and deal with that. ??

Luckily it’s not a touch screen :slight_smile: So where do you see the fingerprints?

Below the keyboard and on the back of the screen.
Its not really a problem, I just wanted to know if there is a way around this.
Maybe I just have to clean it every few days.

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This might be a defective keyboard cover. Check with the FW team. I don’t have the same problem, but it might be worth it to try a dbrand skin. (Vinyl on op of FW aluminum)

That’s typically how fingerprints work; you touch something, your fingerprints are left behind.

Only if your fingers leave a residue. Very dry fingers leave a negligible amount of oil.

At the moment I can tap my phone screen a dozen times and there is no residue, as my hands are very dry from working outside and washing.

But typically is correct as most people nowadays do not do manual labour with wood and soil , nor wash their clothes and dishes by hand.