PSA: Be kind to your chargers!

I had been throwing my charger in my backpack, occasionally without rolling it up or separating the components, and after the most recent time I tried that, the USB-C cable came out like this!

Take the 20 seconds to pull the charger apart and roll things up lest you suffer the same fate!

Perhaps the cable could also be beefed up a little…

How long have you had the charger? And that’s the original cable, correct?

I love Framework, but I’ve seen a lot of posts about split cable sheaths like that. Some saying their charger was rarely moved. At least the cable is seperate & replacable.

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I’ve had the charger since it arrived with my laptop that I purchased in December of 2021. Yes, that’s the original cable. True about how easy it is to replace!

Framework has had a batch of bad cables that were improperly wound. They will replace them if you contact them with these photos.


I use a dell USB charger which works awesome and is well-built.

Ah! Should have guessed! Support is always so helpful. Thanks for the tip.

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My original cable is fine but I went ahead and bought a higher wattage one in bright orange so people could see it. I also cartry a smaller ANKER 35w charger in my bag for on the go rather than the larger 65w Framework one. Every little helps.