Quarter section of screen is black

It’s an 11th generation laptop about 1 month old.

Does this look like a faulty connection? A quarter strip of the screen has gone black. Is there something I can do or will I likely need to send it back for repair :frowning:

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Well, you said it yourself… try to reconnect the display cable to see if it changes anything!

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Hi Julian

Best contact official support asap so if you can’t fix it you can minimise any delay.
Don’t forget you won’t be sending it back for repair as such, you will talk to the support team who will you ask you questions etc. Only if they deem it suitable for return will they then ask you to send it.

Hopefully a reset of the connection will do it.

All the best

Liverpool :slight_smile:

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Usually if you have a strip like that out its a broken LCD, but if you’re comfortable with it, you can always open up the laptop and reattach the display cable to see if that fixes it. You can find a guide here to help you do that (note that the guide I linked is for removing the top display, so you can skip removing the wifi card and antenna wires, and then stop after you’ve disconnected and reconnected the display connector).

If reconnecting the display doesn’t work, then its likely a broken LCD and you’ll need to contact support for a replacement. Be sure to remember that the 11th gen laptops don’t come with the cnc milled top case, so you shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on the display side of the closed laptop, as there is a chance that doing so will break the display.

Either way, hope you can get this fixed!

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I have the almost exact same problem - I have contacted support as it 100% seems to be an issue from the factory.

I have the same exact problem.

That is an artistic selfie.

Interesting that both samples have the bulk of the missing lines in about the same spot, might be a bad batch.

I’d contact support at this point.