Questions before ordering

I am in the market for a new laptop, and the framework looks like a good candidate (I like the aspect ratio and official linux support).

I am traveling a lot by train so I NEED (hard requirement) a mobile internet connection, how are the options in this regard?

Furthermore, I have read a lot about weak hinges on the framework.
Will it wobble around while in a train (Often weak and wobbly desks there as well, which doesn’t help)? I don’t need to open it with only one hand, I have two of those, but I can’t stand it when it feels like I have to type super softly for it to not move.

Hello Joshua!

You can always use one of the ports for a mobile UMTS/LTE stick. Which one you should get is really depending on where you are going to travel. There is nothing in particular that prevents this laptop from doing its duties.

Then I suggest you to order the stronger 4KG hinges for an additional $20.

Before I forget … please get a good UMTS/LTE stick, not one for $20. Research online which candidates can be used in your travel area and invest a little money. You dont want to have a failing stick in the middle of your journey because you wanted to save those $10.


I travel on trains, for some 12 hours in two 6 hour journeys, on average every 3 weeks since I bought the laptop in Feb 2022. Standard hinges have not been a problem in such cases.

Generally I use the laptop around 6 hours a day maybe operating the hinges as many as 20 times a day.

Standing up quickly (not that quickly) at home, with the laptop does produce a display movement.

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