Random Hard Freeze connecting HDMI

Hi, guys,
I am using FW 13 AMD Ryzen 7840u.
I am experiencing random hard freezes when connecting HDMI (3rd gen Expansion Card). Has anyone had a similar problem?

So what have you tried, different slots . . . different monitors etc.

What slots and what monitor/display info would be useful maybe.

We are customers who bought an item that we expected to work without any problems. Sharing your experience if you have had a similar issue, instead of telling others what to do, would be more useful maybe.

There is no indication of telling you that you should do something I am asking for detail as it may help those that read your initial post.

My experience is more about how the help system works. i.e. the more info you provide it saves people asking about the system setup, the monitor and the OS for example.

If you find providing more info too demanding on you maybe some of the following topics can bring some insight as to what others have experienced etc.


Take care and don’t worry I won’t engage with you again.

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You could provide information about a similar experience, for example, ‘I fixed the issue by changing the monitor, cable, etc.’ At this moment, I don’t even know if you have experience using HDMI 3rd gen. So, if you simply ask, ‘Have you tried …?’ some people might get a different message. Like I said, we are customers, not prototype testers.

Thank you for letting me know. Take care as well.

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