Rasti - Penk

As it seems there is no thread about this Penk’s amazing work, I would create this thread to manage the topic. I hope you enjoy it!

Rasti is a retro-futuristic laptop inspired by the iconic GRiD Compass and powered by Framework components. It features a 10.4-inch (1600x720) touchscreen, 3D printed enclosure, custom mechanical keyboard, and keycap set tailor-made for this project.

GitHub: GitHub - penk/rasti.computer: a retro-futuristic laptop

Media articles:


That is very cool!


Did mention it here a few days ago. Worth merging?

I don’t think so. The context is different. The linked comment refers to Arstechnica’s article as a case of the mechanical keyboard module that is the subject of that thread. This thread is categorized in the Creators & Developers - MainBoard with mentioning the project’s name and author’s name due to a better search.

For information purposes I have been working with Penk on another UMPC like project and the Rasti is some branch work from that effort. Penk is super talented and an awesome person. If you like this then I think you’ll like what is coming down the line as well. :+1: