Received a replacement Cover Kit, touchpad issues still exists

The issue im experiencing is inconsistent movement in the trackpad. ill use an example to describe it.

I drag my finger from the right of the trackpad to the left, instead of the mouse moving in line with the direction of my finger, it arcs violently like a curve. When it starts to act up, mouse inputs start to fail, and nothing can resolve it besides time.

I reached out to framework for support, and they acted quickly to replace the cover kit. Unfortunately it didn’t fix anything. I’m currently on Ubuntu, but the issue occurred on Windows 10 as well. If anyone has any advice, im all ears.
Im thinking of just selling the laptop and coming back to Framework in a couple more years, no point to using a laptop if you cant use the mouse.


Are drivers installed correctly and is the BIOS up to date with 3.07?

I would assume the bios and drivers installed correctly, yes. Are there any diagnostic tools i could use to verify if the installation was successful?

The laptop as it stands is a time & productivity blackhole. If it’s not one thing, it’s another that will need you to work on. If you just need a laptop that works with minimal friction right out of the gate, then your mentioned next step will likely be wise.

People seem to mix up the preference for repairability vs robust user experience. The laptop isn’t up to par on the latter, regardless of how repairable it is.

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The problem with a statement like that sounds like that is a problem that applies to all Frameowrk laptops and I have no problems at all.

I have none still after three months + it seems just about perfect, I haven’t found a problem yet.?

OK I don’t play games but I am fussy.


Applies to the product maturity, no so much on a per unit basis.

e.g. Consider you’re making two batches of 100 cupcakes.
One batch resulted in 5 people finding egg shells in them.
One batch resulted in 20 people finding egg shells in them.

It doesn’t take a batch with 100 people finding egg shells in them before seeing there’s a problem.

Next bit of complexity: Not only egg shells, but maybe other issues such as under baked cupcakes, hair in the cupcakes, under-filled cupcakes…scattered across the 100-cupcake batch.

Are you really though? Take a photo of your left and right expansion cards area. You’ll see not all the edges / gaps are uniformed in sizes. Take a photo of the expansion card release buttons, you’ll see that they don’t look identical in the fitting / hole. Take a photo of the speaker grill, you’ll see that some of the holes are a bit off, not evenly spaced.

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In reverese order

  • the grills are trapeziodal and the holes at one end, away from the edge are slightly further appart from the one near the edge. To me that is to expected if the there are to be the same numbers of holes of the same size.

  • The expansion card release buttons seem fine, they look good and feel fine.

  • as for the expansion card slots I reall can be bothered to take out the cards to look for something I didn’t originally see nor see with the cards in.

I don’t know what you are comparing too but I still don’t see any problems. I’m begining to think that rather than questioning your ‘fussyness’ you may have a duff computer…#

Sure I’m old and maybe more tolerant but I’m not blind and insensitive. I used to repair guided missiles in the Royal navy and there wasn’t rrom for discrpancies and errors of measurments

So sadly I still can’t support your opinions or experiences.

Have you contacted Framework about all these discrepancies with images and get their response?


No…because I know I’m fuzzy beyond the norm.

e.g Not straight…and this isn’t even a functional issue:

Consider it a blessing. Ignorance is bliss.

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Well I was in bliss till you posted this :slight_smile:
Now I’m going to take pictures and magnify them to see how misaligned the holes in my universeare and compare them to what you are missing.

But you do know that a straight line and a circle are just theoretical terms to explain eternal concepts, none of which the mortal eye can see. So sure if you look at anything close enough it is not possible to find three objects align. And given time it is not even possible to see two things in line.

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I could be wrong but I think they are talking about the gaps between the cards and the body of the laptop, so you see them with cards installed, I noticed this also.

Likewise with the release buttons, one of mine rubs slightly because it is off centre.

My speaker grills however are perfect, no deviations like pictured above.

Back on topic:

Is the behaviour exactly the same witht he new input cover?
Does this happen in live disk environments as well?
Is it only the touchpad or do external mice also have issues?
Have you tried disabling PS/2 emulation in the BIOS?


Yes. Well aware that space is warped and there’s gravitational wave, plus there’s also the Planck length to consider. Thing is, I can see the deviations with my eyes while holding it at about 60cm away from my eyes.

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“Is the behavior exactly the same with he new input cover?” Yes.

“Does this happen in live disk environments as well?” The issue comes and leaves periodically, its happened once however.

“Is it only the touchpad or do external mice also have issues?” The mouse i have never has this issue, only the touchpad.

Have you tried disabling PS/2 emulation in the BIOS? I have not, but will do so and see if that does anything

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That indicates the problem lies somewhere other than the input cover then. Does it tally with being plugged into power at all? Are there any visible defects where the input cover plugs into the mainboard or the traces underneath the plastic cover?
What did support say when you told them?

Additional question, do you have 2 RAM sticks installed?

Curious: does it happen both just running on battery and plugged in? I was wondering if it could be static electrics.

Additional question, do you have 2 RAM sticks installed?

yes, i do

It being plugged in or not does not change the outcome of it unfortunately

What if you remove one stick, and leave one stick in? Specifically, remove the stick closest to the trackpad.

My guess (to rule out), it might be some kind of electrostatic issue(?)… Back in the days with the ThinkPad W520, some systems were affected by this (though not touchpad related):

was this fixed?