Trackpad on Framework 13 barely working, intermittent

Hi, I have a framework 13 from october `21

Suddenly the trackpad started behaving strangely. It’s almost unresponsive. It only occasionally moves the mouse and then it moves slow and with a lag and only some small distance. every 4th or more click will function.

it’s running ubuntu 22.04, and has been for some time. so unless it’s a security update i suspect it’s a hardware issue.

I tried rebooting. and I tried disabling ps/2 emulation in the bios. no effect.

Any advice on how to proceed with debugging this would be appreciated. Thank you.

I’d recommend reseating the input cover connector as well as ensuring that all contacts on the trackpad are properly seated.

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Thanks. it’s started working again randomly. so i’m gonna wait to see if it messes up again. before opening it.

Appreciate the guidance that it would be time to open things up. basically I was wondering if there was anything else to check before that.

Ok, the problem has returned.

And i’ve discovered that it goes away if I unplug the charger, and comes back if i plug it back in.

that’s… strange. and concerning. any ideas on next steps?

I’m charging with macbook usbc psu,
and also with a Bluetti EB3A (solar battery bank) usbc charge connection

a more subtle observation is that mouse tracking is less bad on the macbook psu.

it appears i’m having the same problem as this thread.

tho it doesn’t look like it was resolved.

suggestions were, try other usbc charger, grounded usbc charger. i’ve done two ones worse than the other. one is definitely grounded. the other that is worse is a battery bank. so could be noisier.

however another user suggests that shouldn’t be a problem.

and suggests reseating the trackpad… so i’ll probably open it up and do that next.

seems to happen on multiple charge ports.

also… it’s still intermittent. i now can’t reproduce it. and i’m currently charging off the EB3A without issue.