Request: Review of Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss, Slovenian, Thai, Hungarian, and Danish keyboards

This might be a stupid question but could I apply the danish keyboard layout myself, somehow?

Stickers or paint, the default is paint.

About Slovenian layout - it is alright but…

Missing € on E was already mentioned.
On some keyboards there is a “<” and “>” in bottom right corner of “,” and “.” keys respectively (AltGr+, is < and AltGr+. is >). Perhaps worth considering.

Also, would like to point out that the same layout works for Croatian, Bosnian and (probably) Latin Serbian.

Thanks, hoping to get Framework Laptop in my region soon :slight_smile:


Hungarian looks good, can’t wait to order.

Just discovered this post. Swiss keyboard is fine as presented! If with double öé/éö or not doesn’t really matter. The version with double is more equal as it doesn’t presume german to be the main language in Switzerland. So I would prefer that. But in the end just make it happen and all swiss will be very happy!
Any ETA on this? @nrp



Would you tell me how/where you get these custom made keycaps on the second picture ? The one with the asian letters. Because i think this is custom made and i would like to know, where you could do that ?

These are not typically printed onto keys. Ää are not part of the alphabet, Íí already have a primary key left to Y, <> have another primary location on the Í and Y keys.

The Hungarian looks perfect to me as posted by nrp on Feb 4.

Would it be possible for you to post the original PDF file? I would like to use it to print my own keyboard stickers (for clear keyboard I would like to have at least a few symbols). Would be nice to have best possible quality as a basis.

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So when will we be able to buy a Framework Laptop 13 for my sweet Hungarian American wife with a Hungarian keyboard?

Or, for the time being, can someone advise which blank keyboard (ISO or ANSI) would have the keys in the right place for her that she could mark it and then we can buy the Hungarian keyboard later to replace it?

Murrican’ here, I’m going to be so jealous if y’all get a framework key. I hope you get it though.

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ISO, as most of the european layouts

Morning !

Some questions from Switzerland, unrelated to pending availability in my country :

  • Are you going to offer sticker sets (or blank templates to print layouts ourselves) for [very] rare layouts ?
  • Also, in the same vein, do you plan to offer Dvorak-type layouts (like the French Bépo for example) ?
  • More tricky, will it be possible to manufacture an orthogonal disposition in addition of the ANSI and ISO ones ?
  • For the current 13 and 16 keyboards, are the mechanical switches both the same or do you have differences between them ?
  • Last question : do you, per chance, plan to offer the keyboard as a stand-alone USB/Wireless keyboard for desktop computers ? (Lenovo do that with the Thinkpad keyboard, it would be nice, I think)
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I don’t mean to sound impatient, but more than a year ago feedback on said keyboard was requested, and they’re still yet to be released.

What’s the current timeline on them getting released? Are they ready to be produced? It’s quite frustrating seemingly waiting a year. The last employee response on the tread was in February 2023

I am very interested in that too. The laptop doesn’t have to be officially available in my country, but I would like to have a keyboard in my own language; at least that shouldn’t be a problem for manufacturers. They offer blank keyboards, so why not have the option of engraving letters for an additional price?

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You can have this done by a 3rd party service. Here’s one site offering it Laser engraving of keyboards — Silent Cloud TECH

Danish layout looks correct. As @Henrik_Runge suggests, a Framework key would be a great option over the Windows key.

Portuguese keyboard looks good to me.

Would add that AltGr+5 prints the € symbol, but I have never seen a keyboard with the € printed in the “5” key, just the “E” key.