Request: Review of Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss, Slovenian, Thai, Hungarian, and Danish keyboards

Yes please! I have swedish as a mother tounge and it would be awesome to have a pre built one without having to buy stickers! I would definately order a new Swedish one to replace the current one I have so my keyboard matches all the letters and symbols I type.

So, any update on availability status ?

The Swedish one looks good, when will it be available for purchase or offered as a choice with B.Y.O. or Pre-builts?

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Any day now according to the introduction of the latest FW13 upgrades.
Pre-orders are open now, with shipments starting this August. These are available in all 14 countries we’re currently in, and we’ll be launching in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark this June.

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to have real national keyboard is exactly why I am interested in framwork to have a good laptop with Swedish keyboard. If you want pan-nordic which is just a sad excuss to save money on the back of the customers you can buy a Asus or MSI laptop or a logi one.
I am not so sure most nordic people need more that one keyboardlayout at once.

I hope it means I will be able to order a framework notebook to Hungary soon. I wanted one for the longest time. Even tough I don’t like the Hungarian layout and will be ordering mine with a us layout keyboard this is the most exciting news for me.