[RESOLVED] Full closed expansion card

Hi! I want to create an enclosure for an airtag I’ll modify (basically removing the unneeded plastic parts), and that enclosure should to be closed on all sides but the top. The thing is, I’ve never 3D modeled, and after opening FreeCAD and Blender and being stumped for about 30 mins (after watching tutorials) I’m not sure I want to learn it atm. Can someone create an expansion card stl that has all sided but the top closed (thinnest wall possible for 3D printing, it’s probably going to be filled with hot glue anyways)?
Thanks in advance! I can even paypal you a fiver or so, I’m not sure how much work it is, but I imagine not much if you know what you’re doing. I certainly don’t.

The tutorial I plan to use to extract the airtag is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGCnwiYbLmc .


This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks.

I believe the file you’re looking for is already available.



Why don’t you search the forums? I’ve uploaded several stls that are suitable.