[RESPONDED] 11th i7-1165g7 motherboard : FAN problem or motherboard?

I have buy a 2nd hand 11th i7-1165g7 motherboard and i thinks i have a problem with the FAN.
I have try whis 3 OS Windows, Ubuntu and Arch with and whitout battery.
BIOS 3.19.

The problem is the FAN are alway hight or to loud, but he never go higher or better.
I doesn’t have sensor for have RPM of the fan with lm-sensors.

the CPU is at 25°C and the noise is horrible.

a have try to use fw-ectool and the github plugin for the fan and the command not modify the RPM of the fan.

Do you think is a motherbord or a fan problem?

What can i do resolve this issue?

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the community!

Looks like you covered your bases by testing against multiple distros and Windows, yet still getting the same experience with fan noise.

Based on this, we’d want to get this into a ticket so the support team can take a look.

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Fine, i will do this!
Edit: it’s done

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